TOTAL! 03/96

PreviewsBreath of Fire II, Final Fight 3 (beide SNES), StarWars – Shadows of the Empire, Pilotwings 64, WaceRace, Super Mario Kart R (alle N64)
NES-TestsThe Legend of Zelda
SNES-TestsAAAHH!! Real Monsters, Boogerman, Bubsy 2, FIFA Soccer 96, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, Izzy’s Quest for the Olympic Rings, NBA Live 96, Revolution X, The Mask, Timecop, Water World
GB-TestsGalaga & Galaxian, NFL Quarterback Club 96, Zoop
Reportagen, SpecialsAutomatenreport: Killer Instinct 2, Genre-Durchblick: Action-Adventures, Japan-News: Parodius 3, Ultra 64-News, Tipps & Tricks Lexikon
Tips/LösungenDonkey Kong Country 2 (Teil 1, SNES), Weapon Lord (Teil 2, SNES), Chrono Trigger (Teil 2, SNES)
Extra2 Daumenkinos, Star Wars- und Primal Rage-Tipps-Poster