TOTAL! 02/00

PreviewsArmy Men: Sarge’s Heroes, Battletanx 2, Castlevania – Legancy of Darkness, Supercross 2000, Toy Story 2 (alle N64)
N64-TestsArmorines: Project S.W.A.R.M., Nuclear Strike 64, Top Gear Rally 2, Namco Museum 64, NASCAR 2000, NBA Courtside 2 – featuring Kobe Bryant
GBC-TestsBeauty and the Beast, Catwoman, Déjà Vu I+II, Dragon Quest Monsters, Earthworm Jim – Menace 2 the Galaxy, Gex: Undercover Gecko, Mission: Impossible, Ms. Pac-Man – Special Color Edition, Pac-Man – Special Color Edition, Pumuckl, Ronaldo V-Football, Supreme Snowboarding, Star Wars: Episode I Racer, Turok – Rage Wars, WWF Wrestlemania 2000
Reportagen, SpecialsJahresrückblick 1999, Kid Paddle-Comic,
Tips/LösungenPokémon (Teil 4, GB), Mario Golf (Teil 4, N64), Jet Force Gemini (Teil 2, N64), Donkey Kong 64 (Teil 1, N64)
ExtraSouth Park Rally- und Armorines-Poster